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June Cotner offers workshops on social media, how to get published, how to write a book proposal, and how to market books. These workshops are described after the "Events" section below. For information on scheduling June as a presenter, please email


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There are no events scheduled at this time.






This workshop for writers focuses on the merging of spirituality with technology and online social media. Come explore how we can live with deeper meaning, awareness, and wisdom in our technology-rich world. June Cotner, author of 26 highly successful, inspirational books, will share how the effective use of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can greatly enhance your writing career as you become a force for good online.


This workshop for writers focuses on incorporating creativity in the writing process. June Cotner will share these strategies:

  • The best sources for keeping up with trends that lead to creative breakthroughs

  • How to pay attention to "clues in the environment" for generating writing ideas

  • How to turn an initial idea into a "big picture" world view via the process of mind mapping



Do you want to write a book, but don’t know the steps to getting it published? June Cotner, accomplished author of 26 highly successful books that have sold more than 850,000 copies, will share her extensive knowledge with you. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone in any stage of the writing process to learn secrets of success from an experienced author. Among June’s books are Graces, House Blessings, and Dog Blessings. Bring your work, ideas, and questions. Writers will learn about what it takes to get published, what publishers expect from authors, finding the right agent to query, and how editors make their publishing decisions.                    


How to Receive a Top-Dollar Advance by writing an IRRESISTIBLE book proposal”

Do you have an idea for a fabulous novel or nonfiction book—but aren’t sure how to go about presenting it to agents or publishers? To sell your book, you need a compelling book proposal. In this information-packed workshop, June Cotner will teach you how to create a book proposal that will command the attention of any editor or agent. Learn tips from one of the best writing coaches in the field, and get one step closer to securing a significant advance from a major publisher. Cotner has 26 titles, published by large houses such as Random House, Harper Collins, and Warner Books. A top literary agent calls her book proposals “the gold standard.” Gain insider info on how to pitch your book idea, organize a well-researched proposal, document the need for your book in the marketplace, research the competition, and develop a book promotion plan.

“MARKETING YOUR BOOKS” (alternate title: “Grassroots Marketing for Writers”)

Whether you’re a published or aspiring writer, don’t miss this essential course. Best-selling author June Cotner will teach you simple but highly effective marketing ideas and promotional tools to get your work in the public eye. If you’re writing a book proposal (fiction or nonfiction) and do not have the “national platform” (television and radio experience) desired by publishers, come learn about all the marketing ideas you must include in your book proposal to show that you’re promotable. June Cotner will show you why 90 percent of a book’s success is due to author promotion, and she’ll share tips on how to make yourself irresistible to the media.

What People Say About June Cotner’s Publishing Workshops


“Don’t miss an opportunity to take June Cotner’s workshops on the non-fiction book proposal.”

                                                                Jennifer McCord, Publishing Consultant
                                                               and Past President of Pacific Northwest Writers Association


“June Cotner offered a series of four different ‘Workshops for Writers’ in our store. We sold out each session and had many people on the waiting list. Participants commented that they greatly benefited from June’s extensive knowledge of the industry, her practical ‘insider’ tips, and her tremendous enthusiasm for getting published. We’ve already booked her for eight more workshops this year.”

                                                                Suzanne Droppert, Owner
                                                               Liberty Bay Books, Poulsbo, WA


“June is delightful to work with, highly professional, full of creative ideas & knowledgeable about the book industry. Her books are beautifully produced and her workshops have been enthusiastically received.”

Deborah Dvorak, Community Relations Manager
                                                                Barnes & Noble, Tukwila, WA


“I highly recommend June Cotner’s books and her ‘Writing a Knockout Nonfiction Book Proposal’ workshop. Our customers gained valuable knowledge at the workshop, and they thoroughly enjoyed hearing from such a successful author and presenter. Our staff eagerly awaits her next workshop and book signing.”

Darren Noble, Area Marketing Manager

Borders, Salem, OR


“I always know June’s workshops will be a hit with our customers. I have even heard from customers who are experienced writers and have a good sense of how to write a book proposal and market their work that June knows her stuff. They recommend her workshops to their own clients! When she hasn’t been to our store to teach in awhile, I have people calling to find out when she will return. And June is always adding new material to her workshops. Thanks June, you make my job of filling workshops easy—wish I could clone you!”

Connie Hill, Events Manager
               New Renaissance Bookshop, Portland, OR


“June’s workshop ‘How to Get Published’ was a great success in our store. Her experience and successes as a writer captivated the attendees. We look forward to hosting more workshops anytime.”

Suzanne Strick, Community Relations Coordinator

Borders, Tacoma, WA


“Thank you very much for visiting our store, and for your ‘How to Get Published’ workshop presentation. The resources, information, wit and wisdom you brought to our store were invaluable for all in attendance! You have been great to work with.”

Page Jordan, Community Relations Manager,
Barnes & Noble, Jantzen Beach, Portland, OR