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I offer three levels of service:


1) Book Concept Analysis - $100. Please let me know if you would like to receive a four-page form that requests specific information about your unpublished nonfiction project. Your completion of this form, accompanied with a check for $85, will allow me to analyze your project and offer suggestions about the next steps you should take. For example, I will tell you whether I think a large, New York publisher would be interested in your project, whether a small to mid-sized publisher would be your best option, or whether you should consider self-publication.


2) Book Proposal Evaluation - $275. We provide a thorough, 21-point evaluation of any nonfiction proposal. This evaluation will rate and consider 107 items covering areas such as the following:

3) Book Proposal In-depth Revision - $700-$1,000 (average cost). If I feel you have a saleable project to one of the top six publishers and if you would like more help with your proposal, I will provide you with an estimate of how much Book Proposal Services would charge to strengthen and augment your proposal to get it in top shape. This service would come after the completion of your $250 book proposal evaluation. Typically, we find the audience, marketing, promotion, publicity, and competitive books selections of proposals are weak. Or perhaps the author isnít making the right pitch for the book in the overview section. We can make great improvements in these sections. Publishers need to feel completely confident about investing their money in the authorís proposed book project.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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