What Publishers and Authors Are Saying About Book Proposal Services

“June Cotner is a master of proposals!”
--Andrea Spooner, Editorial Director, Hachette/Little, Brown Books

“I LOVE THE PROPOSAL! It’s like the “gold standard” of what proposals should look like. I made tons of copies for the staff here and told them this is what we should be looking for now and in the future.”

-- Joseph Durepos, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Loyola Press

“In my twenty-plus years of publishing, I have rarely seen more thoughtful, better executed, or helpful proposals than the ones I have received from June Cotner. Every potential author can benefit profoundly by following her example and suggestions.”
--Liz Perle, Editor-at-Large

“With June’s help and direction, my book sold on the merits of my proposal alone. One agent even told me that my proposal was the best she’d ever seen.”
--Kathy Murphy, author of Awake O Sleeper

“I don’t think I would be published today if it were not for the help I received . . . June taught me about every phase of the book proposal, and then coached me as I worked on my own proposal . . . When my query letter was sent out, I had at least eight requests from publishers to see the proposal . . . It was the best money I could have spent in my writing career.”
--Molly Srode, author of Creating a Spiritual Retirement

“If you want know if your prospective book has the legs to stand up in the publishing world, complete June Cotner’s Book Proposal Evaluation process. You won’t regret a minute or a dime you spend on it. June is extremely supportive as well as insightful in her guidance, and the phone dialog made the process more personal and focused for me. In addition to the written comments I received, I could ask her questions I had then and there. June knows the publishing industry and the importance of marketing your book as well as organizing and writing it. As we walked through the Evaluation, I became more confident about my book’s strengths and where I needed to get back to work. I feel well-prepared to start looking for an agent and publisher.”
--Kathleen Calby, www.Re-SoundingJoy.com

Frequently Asked Questions


What Can Book Proposal Services Do For Me?


I offer four levels of service for nonfiction projects:


1) Consultation via Email  - $50 for up to 30 minutes
Send an email to june@junecotner.com with all of your questions, I will respond and give you an estimate with the approximate time it will take to provide answers for you.
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2) Consultation via Phone - $50 for up to 30 minutes
Instructions: Send an email to june@junecotner.com with all of your questions, I will respond and give you an estimate with the approximate time it will take to provide answers for you.
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3) Book Concept Analysis - $100

 Upon request, I will email you a complimentary four-page questionnaire. Your completion of this form, accompanied with a check for $100, will allow me to analyze your project and offer suggestions about the next steps you should take. For example, I will tell you whether I think a large New York publisher would be interested in your project, whether a small to mid-sized publisher might be your best option, or whether you should consider self-publication. Based upon your answers to the questionnaire, I also offer key suggestions on specific points to include in your book proposal.


A Book Concept Analysis is useful for people who have one of the following: (1) a partially completed book proposal for which they would like feedback before completing the entire book proposal; (2) a really solid book idea for which the competition has been researched; or (3) a brilliant “What-do-you-think-of-this-idea?” concept for which they would appreciate feedback.

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4) Book Proposal Evaluation - $335

Please note: If you start with a Book Concept Analysis, I credit $75 of the fee against the Book Proposal Evaluation fee of $335, so it will cost you only $260 additional to have your full book proposal evaluated.


I thoroughly review your nonfiction book proposal and analyze 138 elements of a successful book proposal. I complete the following as part of my service:

The following are some of the 138 items that I evaluate:



                -- Why do people need this book?

                -- Who will buy this book?

                -- How will you reach this audience?

                -- Why are you an authority?

                -- How does the book distinguish itself from other books on the market?

PURPOSE OF THE BOOK: Does the author show how the book will benefit readers and why it will be of value to them?


MARKETING & PUBLICITY PLAN:  Does the author show where the book can be marketed and how the audiences can be reached?



CHAPTER OUTLINES:  Has the author provided a complete blueprint of how the book will be written? Is the blueprint convincing?


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5) Book Proposal In-depth Revision  - based upon estimate (described below)

If I feel you have a saleable project to one of the top publishers and if you would like more help with your proposal, I will provide you with an estimate of how much I will charge to strengthen and augment your proposal to get it in top shape. This service would come after the completion of your $335 book proposal evaluation. Typically, I find the audience, marketing, promotion, publicity, and competitive books sections of proposals need improvements. Or perhaps the author isn’t making the right pitch for the book in the overview section. I can make great improvements in these sections. Publishers need to feel completely confident about investing their money in the author’s proposed book project.


6) Variable payment amount - If we have agreed to a separate payment, please select the amount and Click "Buy Now" to pay for this service.

Variable Payment


Additional Questions


How quickly can you produce a Book Proposal Evaluation or a Book Concept Analysis?

Please email me so I can give you the earliest date I can start on your project. Once I have your materials in hand, I will complete your work within ten working days (two weeks).


What is your experience with book proposals?

I am the author of 26 books that have sold nearly one million copies. My books are published by major publishers such as Random House, Harper Collins, and Hachette/Warner Books. I also have experience working with mid-size publishers such as Chronicle Books, Andrews McMeel, New World Library, Loyola Press, and Sourcebooks. I create a thorough book proposal for each of my books. I know what goes on during editorial board meetings and the process publishers go through to determine which books to publish. As a result, if I feel you have a saleable book, I will help you position yourself and your proposal so that you can receive a top-dollar advance from a major publisher.


What are your criteria for taking on new clients?

First, I need to have an opening at a mutually agreed-upon date. Secondly, for a fee of $335 (for proposals up to 50 double-spaced pages in length), I will provide an extensive evaluation of your existing nonfiction proposal. Then, if I feel you have a saleable project and you would like more help with your proposal, I will provide you with an estimate of how much I will charge to get your proposal in top shape.


What do you need from me to proceed with an evaluation?

The $335 fee includes evaluating no more than 50 double-spaced pages consisting of the following:

Overview and/or Concept Statement

Purpose of the Book

Description of the Book

Competitive Books


Marketing of the Book

Author's Promotional Contribution

Manuscript Delivery Date

About the Author

Note or Letter to Reader

Chapter Outlines

Two Sample Chapters (one chapter should be the first chapter of the book and the other chapter should be the one you regard as your best chapter)


If your proposal, including all of the above materials, is longer than 50 double-spaced pages, I will give you a quote to read and evaluate the additional material.


If I desire more in-depth work after reviewing my Book Proposal Evaluation, and you think I’m a good candidate for attracting a major publisher, how long does it take to complete the in-depth work, and what’s involved?

Please email me so I can give you the earliest date I can take you on as a client. At that time, based upon the results of your Book Proposal Evaluation, I will provide you with a cost estimate for the work.


I like to work with authors. If you are willing to do additional research and revisions on your proposal, I can give you as much as possible to write or research to reduce your overall bill.


What does your company charge, on an hourly basis, for more in-depth work?

I charge $100/hour for additional work on your proposal.


Can you help me with anything else?

I’ve worked with authors on reviewing and augmenting their query letters to agents. This generally takes 30-45 minutes. I only provide this service for clients with whom I have completed a Book Proposal Evaluation.


I can also also help with researching agents. For a fee of no more than $200, I will provide you with a list of reputable agents who handle the types of projects you are writing.


Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

While my success is dependent on making my clients successful (creating a great proposal that will attract a literary agent, securing an agent, then selling a book to a publisher), there are many fluctuating marketplace circumstances that affect whether a proposal will sell at any given time (such as a subject area becoming oversaturated). Therefore, I can not offer a money-back guarantee.


If I’m put on a waiting list, what can I do in the meantime?

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